Test 3- Ratio and Proportion Based Questions

Brush up your fundamentals on Ratio & Proportions- attempt a 10-question set and ensure a MAX score. All the best !!! 🙂

1. Jolly and Beany have their monthly incomes in the ratio 2:3. If their expenditures per month bear the ratio 3:5 and assuming both save Rs. 20,000 per month, what are their respective incomes?


2. The numbers P & Q bear a ratio 3:4. If P and Q are incremented by 2, the new ratio becomes 7:9. What are the hcf and lcm of P & Q?


3. X,Y and Z are three natural numbers in the ratio 4:3:2 and the sum of their squares is equal to 464. What is the value of 2(X) + 3(Y) + 5(Z)?


4. If M:N = 3:4, N:P= 8:9 and P:Q= 15:16, what is M:N:P:Q?


5. A basket having  7300 flowers is being used to form 4 bouquets. Peter, the seller, notices the following when the different bouquets are ready:

½ of the number of flowers in first bouquet= 2/3  of the number of flowers in second bouquet= 3/4 of the number of flowers in third bouquet= 4/5 of the number of flowers in first bouquet. How many flowers are there in each of the bouquets?


6. Two numbers A and B are in the ratio 2:3. The difference between the squares of A and B is 45. Find (A,B) ?


7. Lindermann started a courier business with Rs 450. Nathan later joined him with a capital of Rs. 300. At the end of the year, profit from the business was divided between them in the ratio 2:1. When did Nathan join Lindermann?


8. Raman and Manab together have Rs. 1210. If  4/15th of Raman’s amount is equal to  of 2/5th of Manab’s amount, how much amount is with Raman?


9. A bag contains one-rupee, 50-paisa and 25-paisa coins. If the total amount in the bag is Rs. 32 and the ratio of the number of coins is 4:5:6, how many 50-paisa coins are present in the bag and what is the amount that results from 25 paisa coins?


10. Jolly and McMohan bought two different TV sets whose cost price had the ratio 16:23. After 3 months, both sell their sets; while Jolly sells it by incrementing the price by 10% , McMohan keeps the selling price higher by Rs. 477. The selling prices now are in the ratio 11:20. What were the respective cost prices?


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