Test 1- Remainder Based Questions

This is a 13-question based short test based on Remainder Theory of Number System. The difficulty level of the test is “Average” to “Difficult”. If questions appear “Simple” to you, you have the fundamentals in place! Best of luck 🙂

1. What is the largest possible two digit number by which 2179782 can be divided?


2. If 7653xy is divisible by 80, then the value of x + y is:


3. ‘a’ is the lowest number that must be subtracted from 434079 to make the result exactly divisible by 137. Also ‘b’ is the lowest number that must be added to 434079 so that the result is a multiple of 137. ‘a’ and ‘b’ are respectively:


4. The value of k if 2179k82 is divisible by 11:


5. The least number that must be subtracted from 999,999 so that it becomes divisible by 125:


6. The number closest to 193 which is divisible by 18 is:


7. How many numbers from 200 till 804 are divisible by 5 or 7?


8. A number when divided by 5 gives a number which is 8 more than the remainder obtained on dividing the same number by 34. Such a least possible number is


9. ‘X’, a natural number when divided by 32 leaves a remainder 3 less than the divisor itself. What is the remainder when ‘X’ is divided by 8?


10. A 3-digit number ‘x’ is added to another 3 digit number 4m3, the result is a four digit number 13n7. If 13n7 is divisible by 11 and ‘x’= 984 what is the possible value of m+n?


11. A number 23487k2 is divisible by 8. The sum of all possible values of k other than 1 is


12. A number when divided by 296 leaves 75 as remainder. When the same number is divided by 37, the remainder will be:


13. Which of the following numbers will completely divide (4^63 + 4^64 + 4^65 + 4^66 + 4^67) ?


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