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We have had a great success in launching our endeavour "onlinepsa.in" that only targets to help you with aptitude examination topics. Users have been returning to the site and giving us feedback on variety of questions that we have included and that is great; we are sheer amazed by YOUR response that you like the way we have solved a lot of miscellaneous problems- thank you all!!! We will continue to support you by providing good problems for practice, unique methods to solve them, any trick/shortcut/weird method to solve each of them wherever possible.

What is there in it for YOU !!!

We have an idea that we wanted to experiment with and that is - you give us a topic/subtopic/question that is a real problem for you in your preparation for quantitative aptitude and numerical ability and we threadbare it. In return we don't look for anything but a reasonable time to prepare a customized post that will solve your dilemma once and for all! This first survey is going to last till 31st July 2017, so please hurry up and find out your "topic" and let us know!

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