Data Sufficiency Questions – Probability !!!

Below are some graded DS questions that we have prepared for our aspirants to test their knowledge in the topic: Probability. Please solve each question before referring to the solution given at the end of the post!Happy Solving! ⊂⊃⊂⊃⊂⊃⊂⊃⊂⊃⊂⊃⊂⊃⊂⊃⊂⊃⊂⊃⊂⊃⊂⊃⊂⊃⊂⊃⊂⊃⊂⊃⊂⊃⊂⊃⊂⊃⊂⊃⊂⊃⊂⊃⊂⊃⊂⊃⊂⊃⊂⊃⊂⊃⊂⊃⊂⊃⊂⊃ Each problem… Continue Reading


Quantitative Reasoning – Practice – Work with ratios!

PSA_LEVEL-UP_QNR13. A and B are 2 alloys of argentum and brass prepared by mixing metal inproportions 7:2 and 7:11 respectively. if equal quantities of the two alloys melted to form the third alloy C, the proportion of argentum and brass… Continue Reading


Quantitative Reasoning – Practice – Change in profit!

PSA_LEVEL-UP_QNR14. Find the change in the percentage profit for a fruit vendor who, after finding 20% of fruits rotten, increased his selling price by 10% over and above 15% that he was already charging? a) 15% b) 13.2% c) -13.8%… Continue Reading


Quantitative Reasoning – Practice – Profit and More Profit!

PSA_LEVEL-UP_QNR13. A merchant makes a profit of 20% by selling an article. What would be the percentage change in profit percent had he paid 10% less for it and the customer paid 10% more for it? a) 130% b) 125%… Continue Reading


Predict Age…! [Age#2]

Age#2.Mother’s age is three times more than her son Amit’s age. After 8 years, she would be two and a half times of Amit’s age. After further 8 years, how many times would she be of Amit’s age? a. 2… Continue Reading


Finding Ages…! [AGE#1]

Hello friends, here we are presenting some very basics “AGE” related problems on quantitative aptitude. Go through these questions as these are one of the types of questions which come in most of the competitive examinations as well as in… Continue Reading


Quantitative Reasoning – Find the number of Trout in the tank!

PSA 2014_XI_Q7. Trout are bred in a tank as fish for restaurants. Twenty trout are caught and each is tagged through the tail then released back into the tank. A week later, thirty trout are caught and it is found… Continue Reading


Quantitative Reasoning – Time difference !

PSA 2014_XI_Q6. At 8:45 pm Saturday in Bangalore it is 10:15 am saturday in New York’. Ravi wishes to ring his friend in New York at 7 am Sunday New York time. When should Ravi ring from Bangalore ? 1)… Continue Reading


Quantitative Reasoning – At what time do they meet!

PSA 2014_XI_Q5. Paavan and Lahar are friends who have decided to travel to each other’s cities,32 km apart. They both left from their own houses at 8 am, and their predicted journeys are sketched below.   At which of following times did… Continue Reading


Quantitative Reasoning – Passage Based – FIFA 2014!

2014_QNR 23. Directions : (Questions i to iv). Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow : Football is one of the most popular games played. The 20 th Federation of International Football Association (FIFA) World Cup football tournament was organized… Continue Reading


Quantitative Reasoning – Pyramid of Numbers!

2014_QNR 21. Neha has blocks with numbers printed on it. She makes a pyramid so that the sum of the two adjacent blocks is equal to the number on the block placed above them (as shown below). If she applies the same… Continue Reading


Quantitative Reasoning – Throwball League Match!

2014_QNR 20. In a “Throwball League Match”, a player can earn points as per the following rules : A player can throw the ball maximum up to 10 times. Points earned in each throw are added to get the total… Continue Reading