Statistics – Class X – Part 6

Watch the sixth video session on “Statistics” for Class Xth – concepts and solved questions.

Statistics – Class X – Part 6 | Mode of Grouped Data

Mode of Grouped Data
A mode is that value among the observations which occurs most
often, that is, the value of the observation having the maximum frequency. Though grouped data can also be multimodal, Class Xth syllabus deals with problems having a single mode only.

Step 1: Find the Modal Class, f0, f1, f2, l , h
Step 2: Use the formula to find mode.

Questions/Topics discussed in these session:

NCERT MATHS Exercise 14.2 Q4-6

4. The following distribution gives the state-wise teacher-student ratio in higher secondary schools of India. Find the mode and mean of this data. Interpret the two measures.. (For table, refer to the video).

5. The given distribution shows the number of runs scored by some top batsmen of the world in one-day international cricket matches. Find the mode of the data. (For table, refer to the video)

6. A student noted the number of cars passing through a spot on a road for 100 periods each of 3 minutes and summarised it in the table given below. Find the mode of the data : (For table, refer to the video).


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