Quantitative Aptitude – Circular Motion – Time, Speed And Distance- Part I – Updated***

Watch the first video session on “Circular Motion – Time, Speed and Distance” solved quantitative aptitude questions!

Questions discussed in this session:

(i) A and B are running on a circular track of length 600 m (i.e. circumference of the track). Speed of A is 30 m/s and that of B is 20 m/s. They start from the same point at the same time in the same direction.
a. When will they meet again for the first time?
b. Where will they meet for the first time?
c. Where will they meet for the second time?
(ii) If A and B start in the opposite direction,
a. when & where will they meet for the first time?
b. How many distinct points do they meet at on the track?


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