Quantitative Aptitude -Time,Speed and Distance- Time taken on bike and walking!!!

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PSA_LEVEL-UP_QNR45. Amit walks from his home to a friend’s place and returns on his bike immediately. He takes a total time of 7 hours 50 minutes. He would have taken 2 hours less if he had been riding on bike both ways. How much time would he take, if he walked both ways?

a) 590 minutes
b) 580 minutes
c) 560 minutes
d) 570 minutes


Let, H and F denote Amit’s home and his friend’s place respectively.

When Amit walks the journey H->F and rides bike while coming back (F->H), he takes 7 hours 50 minutes. —> Statement (i)
If he had covered both H->F and F->H on bike entirely, he would take 2 hours less or 5 hours 50 minutes.
Thus, you can say that on bike, any journey H->F or F->H would take half of 5 hours 50 minutes i.e. 2 hrs 55 minutes. —> Statement (ii)

From statements (i) and (ii), you can infer that

H->F or F->H on walk will take 7 hours 50 minutes minus 2 hrs 55 minutes or 4 hrs 55 minutes.
To walk both H->F AND F->H, Amit will take twice this time. Or 9 hrs 50 minutes≡ 9*60+50 mins=590 mins. Option a.


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