Quantitative Aptitude -Time,Speed and Distance- Journey but with breaks this time!!!

PSA_LEVEL-UP_QNR43. Without stoppage, Rahul can drive a bus at an average speed of 125 km/h. On a particular day, he decides to take breaks in between the usual travel duration; thus he covers the same distance at an average speed of 100 km/h. How many minutes per hour does he stop during his journey?

a) 13 minutes

b) 12 minutes

c) 14 minutes

d) None of these


When Rahul takes breaks in his journey, he covers 100 km in an hour. Therefore, in one hour, he covers 25 km less distance than that he could cover while driving at 125 km/h.

In a way you can imagine that had he not taken the break time, 25 km more could have been covered. Let us assume he stops for ‘x’ minutes in 1 hr of travel.

You can say that in those ‘x’ minutes of break, 25 km could have been covered.

Rahul’s usual speed = 125 km/h
In other words, 125 km can be covered in 60 minutes,
Thus, to cover 25 km time required= (60/125) * 25 = 12 minutes. Option b.

Hope you understand how you could tackle this type of question in this topic!


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