Quantitative Aptitude – Practice – Solve the “EAT THAT APPLE” puzzle!

Puzzle Reasoning


PSA_LEVEL-UP_QNR42. If “EAT + THAT = APPLE”, what is the sum of A+P+P+L+E? Every alphabet used is representative of a distinct digit in decimal system [0 to 9]!

  1. 13
  2. 14
  3. 12
  4. None of these.


Let us write the sum in the below fashion and proceed.


The first thing to notice is the 1000th and 10,000th place as shown highlighted above. The sum of digits represented by E and H must have a “carry” such that this “carry” when added to “T” must result in AP.

The only “carry” possible for the sum “E+H” is 1. To verify this  assume for some time that every possible alphabet is nothing but the maximum possible digit i.e. 9. In that case the below is the calculation:


Now, from the above you can be sure that “carry” can only be 1.

This tells us that “T” can be only “9”; as only a nine can result in two digit number “AP”.

Thus, if “T” is a “9”, AP is the two digit number “10”.

Let us now substitute in the original expression of sum the values of T,A,P with 9, 1 and 0 respectively.


Now, it is easy for us to identify that “E” represents “8”. The expression becomes:


At this point we can easily determine the values of L and H to be “3” and “2” respectively.


Therefore, the value of A+P+P+L+E = 1+0+0+3+8 = 12. Option 3.


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