Quantitative Aptitude- Average Speed- Another one!

Average Speed

PSA_LEVEL-UP_QNR33. Madhav completed his entire journey from A to C but in two legs. In the first leg he travelled from A to B and then in the second from B to C. The distance covered in each leg was in the ratio 2 : 3. His average speed in the first leg and that in the second boreĀ a ratio 5 : 4. If his average speed for the entire journey was noted to be 40 km/hr, what was his average speed (in km/hr) in the second leg?

a) 46
b) 54
c) 36.8
d) 27.6


Average speed= Total distance/Total time taken.

Let, the entire distance be 2x+3x or 5x km. And the speeds in the two legs be 5y km/h and 4y km/h respectively.

Total time taken = [2x/5y] + [3x/4y] = 23x/20y

Average speed = 5x/[23x/20y] = 40
=> 100y = 23*40
=> 5y = 23*2=46

Thus, average speed in the second leg = 4y = 46*4/5 = 9.2*4= 36.8 km/hr. Option (c).

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