Quantitative Reasoning – Practice – Use LCM in Time and Work to simply calculation- Part 1!

PSA_LEVEL-UP_QNR10) Adam, Peter and Sylar are working on a task in a paper factory. They take 12,15 and 18 days respectively to complete the task. If Adam and Peter started off with the task and worked for 4 days together before being joined by Sylar, when will the job be completed?

A. 190/37

B. 200/37

C. 72/37

D. 220/37


Ans: Let us assume the task to be of 180 units [LCM of the numbers 12,15 and 18].

Adam’s one day work: 180/12 = 15 units

Peter’s one day work: 180/15 = 12 units

Sylars’s one day work: 180/18 = 10 units

Adam and Peter started off and continued for 4 days.

Adam’s and Peter’s one day work together : 15+12 = 27 units.

In 4 days, Adam and Peter finish 27*4= 108 units.

Remaining units, 180-108= 72.

Adam, Peter & Sylar can finish in one day: 15+12+10 = 37 units.

Time to finish 72 units= 72/37

Total time= 4+72/37= 220/37. Option D.

use lcm

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