Quantitative Reasoning – Practice – Number Puzzle!

PSA_PRACTICE_QNR42. Find a three digit number such that the hundreds digit and the unit digit are the same prime numbers,the sum of all the digit is 12 and the number is divisible by 7.

Ans: Let the three digit number be ‘XYZ’.

X=Z = could be 2, 3, 5 or 7 according to the question. In fact, 7 is ruled out as the sum of all digits is 12.

i) Let X= Z= 2

X+Z=4; Y= 8; 484 is however not divisible by 7.

Let, X= Z= 3, X+Z=6; Y= 6; 363 is not divisible by 7.

Let, X= Z= 5, X+Z=10; Y= 2; 525 is divisible by 7.

Ans-> 525.

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