Quantitative Reasoning – Practice – Fresh grapes or Dried grapes?

PSA_PRACTICE_QNR35.  Fresh grapes contain 80% water by weight while dried grapes contain 10% water by weight. What will be the weight of dry grapes available from 30 kg of fresh grapes?

A. 6 kg
B. 7 kg
C. 19/3 kg
D 20/3 kg


30 kg of fresh grapes contain 80% water.
Weight of water =24 kgs, weight of only grapes= 6kg.

Dried grapes have water:total solution ratio as 10:100 or 1:10.
Therefore, water:only grape ratio= 1:(10-1)=1:9
9 parts of only grape require 1 part of water.
6kg of only grape requires [1/9]*6 or 2/3 kg of water.
Thus, weight of dried grapes= weight of only grape part + weight of required water= 6+ 2/3=20/3 kg. Option D.

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