Quantitative Reasoning – Practice – Cashews or Peanuts: Tastier or Costlier!

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PSA_PRACTICE_QNR33.A nut mix contains 10% of peanuts and 90% of cashews. It costs 5% more than pure peanuts. Are cashews more expensive than peanuts? By how much?

Ans: Let peanuts cost ‘x’ for 100 gm.

A nut mix of 100 gm contains 10 gm of peanuts and 90 gm of cashews.
Cost of nut mix of 100 gm= x + 5*x/100

Also, Cost of nut mix= Cost of 10 gm of peanut + cost of 90 gm of cashews
=>Cost of nut mix= (x/10) + cost of 90 gm of cashews
=>x + x/20 = (x/10) + cost of 90 gm of cashews
=>cost of 90 gm of cashews= x + x/20 – (x/10)
=>cost of 90 gm of cashews= 19x/20
=>cost of 10 gm of cashews= 19x/9*20 = 19x/180
=>cost of 100 gm of cashews= 190x/180= 19x/18= (1+1/18)x

1/18 = 0.05555..

Cashews are 5.56% more costly than peanuts.

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