Quantitative Reasoning – Practice – Bill and John walk towards each other!

PSA_PRACTICE_QNR29. John and Bill walk towards to each other’s house. If both leave at 10 am, they meet 10 minutes later. If Bill leave 3 minutes later then John, they’ll meet 9 minutes after Bill leaves. How long does it take for Bill to walk to John’s house?

1) 10 minutes

2) 12 minutes

3) 15 minutes

4) 16 minutes


Let, John’s and Bill’s houses be A & B respectively and they meet at ‘M’ in the first scenario.


Let, John’s and Bill’s speed be ‘j’ and ‘b’ units/minute.

AB= AM+ MB= 10j + 10b= 10(j+b) ……….. (Y)

Let, in the second case both meet at point ‘N’; when they meet, John has walked for 12 minutes and Bill for 9 minutes.

AB= AN + NB = 12j + 9b ………..(Z)
From, (Y) & (Z),

10j + 10b = 12j + 9b

=> b= 2j

Using (Y)= AB= 10(3b/2) = 15b
Since, Bill’s speed = b, time taken to cover this distance= 15 minutes. Option (3).

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