Quantitative Reasoning – Practice – Find the fair daily salary for Lee!

PSA_PRACTICE_QNR28. Wang starts a project, which he can finish in 20 days. Five days later after he starts, his company sends Lee to help. Together, they finishes the project in 5 more days. If Wang is paid $ 100 a day, what is a fair daily salary for Lee?


Let, the total work comprises of 20 units.
Since Wang finishes it in 20 days, his one day work= 1 unit

In, five days, Wang finishes 5 units.
Remaining units= 20-5=15 units that both Wang and Lee finish it in 5 days.
Thus, Wang and Lee finish 15/5 or 3 units everyday working together; Lee’s one day work is definitely 2 units.

In all, Wang worked for 5+5 or 10 days completing 10 units. He is paid 100*10 or $1000.
Lee finishes 2 units everyday and in all he finished 10 units. He should also be paid $1000 for his contribution. Daily salary=1000/5= $200.

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