Quantitative Reasoning – Practice – Min Max values of a ratio!



Ans: To find the range of q/p we need to find out the min and the max value of the expression:

Given, 2<q<6 & 1<p<4.

To maximize the ratio q/p, we need to to maximize ‘q’ and minimize ‘p’.

Max(q/p) = Max(q)/ Min(p) = 5/2

To minimize q/p, we need to to minimize ‘q’ and maximize ‘p’.

Min(q/p) = Min(q)/ Max(p) = 3/3=1

Thus, 1 ≤ (q/p) ≤ 5/2.

Option C is correct.

Shortcut in these type of range questions would be to look at the options and notice that only Option C has an extreme value ‘6’ and start thinking about the maximum boundary value for q/p. The max boundary value for q/p would be 6/1 or 6. No other answer option satisfies this.

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