Quantitative Reasoning – Practice – Visualize the ‘candy’ problem!



Ans: The below figure helps in visualizing the problem and how it can be attempted:


If Paul gives 1 large candy to Kate, his candy count decreases by 1. But, Kate provides him 3 small candies in return. Thus, Paul’s candy count increases by ‘2’ and Kate’s decreases by 2 in every trade off. If number of trades after which both have equal candies is represented by ‘m’, then

24 + m* (2) = 40 – m*(2)

=>4m= 16


To verify we can see that Paul after 4 trades will be richer by 4*2  or 8 candies. Paul, then, will have 32 candies. And similarly, Kate will have 40-4*2= 32 candies.

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