Quantitative Reasoning – Practice – Solve the ‘mixture’ question in 3 ways!

PSA_PRACTICE_QNR50. Let us assume, the percentage of liquid A is ‘x’ in the resultant mixture. By weight, liquid A makes up 8 percent of solution R and 18 percent of solution S. If 3 grams of solution R are mixed… Continue Reading


Quantitative Reasoning – Practice – Greatest and Least number of pens!

PSA_PRACTICE_QNR49. A certain store sells two types of pens: one type for $2 per pen and the other type for $3 per pen. If a customer can spend up to $25 to buy pens at the store and there is… Continue Reading


Predict Age…! [Age#2]

Age#2.Mother’s age is three times more than her son Amit’s age. After 8 years, she would be two and a half times of Amit’s age. After further 8 years, how many times would she be of Amit’s age? a. 2… Continue Reading


Finding Ages…! [AGE#1]

Hello friends, here we are presenting some very basics “AGE” related problems on quantitative aptitude. Go through these questions as these are one of the types of questions which come in most of the competitive examinations as well as in… Continue Reading


Quantitative Reasoning – Practice – Is it probable; if yes, what are the chances!

PSA_PRACTICE_QNR48. A committee of seven members is to be formed from a group of 11 members. The probability that a certain married couple will either serve together or not at all is? Ans: Method 1: Married couple serving in the… Continue Reading


Quantitative Reasoning – Practice – Direct and Inverse Relation!

PSA_PRACTICE_QNR46. Thirty(30)cows were found to produce 650 kg of manure containing 10% Nitrogen in one week (7 days). You are required to help traditional smallholder farmers on their application requirement for 2 hectares of land planted with maize. how long… Continue Reading


Quantitative Reasoning – Practice – A quick LCM and GCF question!

PSA_PRACTICE_QNR44. The LCM of two integers a and b is 4,200 and their GCF is 100.If neither a nor b is multiple of the other,find a+b.


Quantitative Reasoning – Practice – Number Puzzle!

PSA_PRACTICE_QNR42. Find a three digit number such that the hundreds digit and the unit digit are the same prime numbers,the sum of all the digit is 12 and the number is divisible by 7.


Quantitative Reasoning – Practice – Can you find the smallest number of loom for Ann!

PSA_PRACTICE_QNR41. Julie Ann has some loom bands to give to her friends.If she gives 6 or 8 loom bands to each friend,she has no left over.If she gives 9 to each friend,she has 3 left ove.Find the smallest number of… Continue Reading