Quantitative Reasoning – What is your pace length!

PSA 2014_XI_Q17. Disha measures the length of a classroom with 20 of her paces. Anuj measures the length of the same classroom with 25 of his paces. Which one of these statements is true ?

(1) Disha’s 10 paces are the same length as Anuj’s 15 paces.
(2) Disha’s pace is 80% of Anuj’s pace.
(3) Disha’s pace is 120% of Anuj’s pace.
(4) Disha’s pace is 125% of Anuj’s pace.

Ans: According to the question, 20 D = 25 A.

[D,A are the individual paces of Disha and Anuj respectively].

D= 25A/20 = 125A/100 = 1.25 A.

Option (4).


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