Quantitative Reasoning – A bag full of coins!

PSA 2014_XI_Q9. The One Rupee coin weighs 4.85 g. Haji has a 2 kg bag of One Rupee coins. What is the value of this bag of coins ?
1) Rs 412
2) Rs 2,485
3) Rs 4,850
4) Rs 9,700

Ans: Total number of one rupee coins is 2000 gm/4.85 gm ≈ 412. Option 1).

Although, the above line includes some calculation at least, but the best method would be not to calculate at all.

“If the one rupee coin weighed 1 gm only, the bag would be valued at Rs. 2000 but since the coin weighs more, number of coins in the bag would be less leading to less value (than 2000). Only one option fits in- option(1).”

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