Quantitative Reasoning – Time difference !

PSA 2014_XI_Q6. At 8:45 pm Saturday in Bangalore it is 10:15 am saturday in New York’. Ravi wishes to ring his friend in New York at 7 am Sunday New York time.
When should Ravi ring from Bangalore ?

1) 5:30 am Sunday
2) 7:15 am Sunday
3) 5:30 Pm Sunday
4) 2:00 am Monday

Ans: India time is 10 hrs 30 minutes ahead of the New York time [2045 hrs IST – 1015 hrs]. If Ravi has to call at 7 am Sunday New York time, he should call at 0700 hrs +10 hrs 30 minutes = 5:30 PM Sunday from Bangalore. Option (3).

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