Quantitative Reasoning – Throwball League Match!

2014_QNR 20. In a “Throwball League Match”, a player can earn points as per the following rules :

2014_QNR 20

A player can throw the ball maximum up to 10 times. Points earned in each throw are
added to get the total score of the player.
Which of the following scores cannot be a possible total score of any player ?
(a) 19

(b) 23

(c) 54

(d) 26

Ans: The total score can be given by 5x + 7y where x and y are the number of times a player throws a  ball between 10 and 50 meters & beyond 50 meters respectively.

19 = 7*2 + 5*1

54 = 7*7 + 5*1

26 = 7*3 + 5*1

Only 23 cannot be expressed. Option (b).

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