Quantitative Reasoning – Help Haima choose per-day-data-download-limit!

2014_QNR 8. Haima’s internet plan allows 20 GB of downloads per calendar month without any excess charges. (1Gb=1000Mb) By the end of june 24th , Haima has used 15800 Mb.

She dosen’t want to pay an excess for june.

What is the average download she can make per day for the remainder of june?

1) 600 Mb
2) 700 Mb
3) 840 Mb
4) 4200 Mb

Ans: Total download allowed per calendar month= 20 GB = 20,000 MB

Total Used download= 15,800

Remaining download, 20,000 – 15,800 = 4,200 MB to be utilized in rest 6 days.

Average download= 4200/6 = 700 MB. Option (2).

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