Quantitative Reasoning – TV quiz and how to qualify 2nd round!

2014_QNR 6. Sana participated in a two-round TV quiz. In the first round she answered 10 questions. She received 4 points for each correct answer and lost a point for each incorrect answer. Sana needed more than 20 points to participate in the second round.

What is the least number of questions that Sana had to answer correctly in order to qualify for the second round?

1) 8
2) 5
3) 6
4) 7

Ans:- It is a straight forward question- 4 points for each correct answer and -1 for each incorrect one.

Since least number has to be found we can start with the lowest value:

If she attempts 5 correct (and rest 5 incorrect), she scores = 5*4 -1*5= 15

If she attempts 6 correct (and rest 4 incorrect), she scores = 6*4 -1*4= 20.

Since, she needs more than 20 points , option 4) 7 is the correct answer ( honestly no need to calculate if you can understand the pattern)!

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