Reasoning – Direction Based Question- Which way you are heading!

QNR 11. Gajra’s position on her farm is shown by the dot on this diagram.










When Gajra walks in the direction of N 54 deg. W, she will be heading towards the

1) dam

2) pump

3) stable

4) hay shed

Ans: Gajra walks in the North direction making an angle of 54 degree towards west. Option (3) stable.

We can brush up the concept by referring to the below combination of destination and walking direction :

dam :- S 54 deg. W or W 36 deg. S

pump :- N 36 deg. W or W 54 deg. N

stable :- N 54 deg. W or W 36 deg. N

hay shed :- N 36 deg. E or E 54 deg. N


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