Reasoning – Scatterplot Question- Heights and Weights!

QNR10. Daha sketched points on the graph to represents his height and weight and those of his sisters Farha, Madhu and Padmal. The graph follows:


Daha is taller than Farha, but shorter than Madhu. Madhu has the same weight as Padmal. Which of the points on the graph represents Daha?

  1.  A
  2.  B
  3.  C
  4.  D

Ans:- Height is being measured in the horizontal axis. If Daha is taller than Farha and shorter than Madhu, then Daha must represent a point in the horizontal axis that is neither maximum nor minimum; Daha can be point B or D. Also, this tells us Madhu represents ‘C’ and Farha point ‘A’. Madhu has the same weight as Padmal; only ‘C’ and ‘D’ represent same weight and ‘C’ is Madhu. Therefore, ‘D’ is Padmal. Daha has to be point ‘B’ then. Option (2).

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