Reasoning and Data Interpretation- Number of books read!!!

QNR 7. The graph below shows the number of books read by 39 students during the school holidays.








Ali and Ram read more books than the other students in the class. Hari read more than 1 book. Sameer read twice as many books as Hari.
Which statements is correct?
1) Sameer read 2 books and Hari read 1 book.
2) Sameer read 3 books and Ali read 5 books.
3) Hari read 2 books and Ram read 6 books.
4) Hari read 4 books and Ali read 6 books.

Ans:- Let us look at the answer options one by one:

Option 1) This is factually wrong; it is mentioned in the question that Hari read more than 1 book.

Option 2) Since Sameer read twice as many books as Hari, Sameer can only read even number of books. Wrong option.

Option 3) Hari read 2 books and Ram read 6 books. Sameer read 4 (twice as many as Hari). Possible scenario.

Option 4) If Hari read 4 books, Sameer read 8 which is again factually wrong as no student read 8 books as shown in the bar chart.

Correct answer is Option 3.

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