Data Interpretation- Parcel Postage Rates!

QNR 6. A parcel weighing 12 kg, is to be sent from New Delhi to Mumbai, a distance of 1450 km.
The Parcel Postage Rates are shown in the following table.


How much will it cost to send the parcel?

1) 85 INR
2) 95 INR
3) 320 INR
4) 840 INR

Ans:- This is a direct data-interpretation question. Since the distance is 1450, we need to consider the rates given for distance category 1001 – 2000 km.

Cost to send a 12 kg parcel = cost incurred for first 2 kgs + cost incurred for rest 10 kgs =  70 + 10 * 25 = 320. Please note that the 2nd column is cost for first 2 kg and not rate (cost/kg); the 3rd column is however rate (cost/kg).


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